Minimum stay 30 days. Please contact us if you wish to stay shorter than that duration.

Facilities at dwell Dongdaemun

Be with nature at our
Roof Terrace

A quiet morning in exercise, a productive afternoon at work, or an evening round of beers with fellow residents. Amidst the backdrop of Dongdaemun’s skyline, the Roof Terrace is a sanctuary for all to relax and mingle.

Your next idea is brewing in
our Meeting Room

Our meeting room, equipped with a presentation screen and whiteboard, could kickstart the next big thing that you and your collaborators have always talked about

See you at our
Communal Hall

With reading materials, television screenings, a common pantry and ample seating spaces, our Communal Hall is a bustling place to socialise, grab a quick bite, or simply unwind and complete work.

Sweat it out in
our Gym

After a long day at work, there’s no place more effective to burn off the tension than in our gym, equipped with dumbbells and machines. If you fancy, you could even throw in a Tabata regimen with a workout buddy.

Life’s conveniences,
within reach.

At dwell Dongdaemun, we put all the conveniences within your reach and in a fair tenancy contract, so you could make the most out your coliving experience in Seoul. Beyond a laundry room, you’ll also have access to other essentials in your room that make living so much easier.

Nearby facilities